Learn about us

Authentic Education Academy is an exemplary early education school that accepts potty trained children from ages 2.5 to 6 years of age. Our school is small and intimate to ensure we provide a high quality early experiences that will make a difference in your child’s lifelong academic and social development.

Our Values

Providing high quality preschool experiences and education that enhances your child’s intellect, social and cultural awareness, creativity, and spiritual development.

Our Vision

Our expectation is that your child feels loved and leaves Authentic Education Academy                                    equipped with a foundation that will allow them to flourish to their God given potential and beyond.

                                          Our  Beliefs                                      


Enable your child to think beyond their present circumstances and explore infinite possibilities.

Reaffirming your child’s strengths while reinforcing God’s presence.


To instill a strong moral foundation that guides your child throughout their life.

Provide an environment that fosters your child’s analytical and creative process.

To equip your child to be self-motivated and self controlled.

                                       Who We Are

At Authentic Education Academy, our philosophy is concerned

with the development of the total child. This includes attention

to their social, cognitive, emotional, creative and physical needs

with all aspects being given equal consideration. It is our goal to

help children develop a positive self-image, self-reliance and

independence in a structured educational program that also

encourages the creative ability of each child.

We treasure every child who walks through our doors. We

encourage the recognition and appreciation of individual

differences. We foster caring, consideration and respect for

others, while providing opportunities for cooperation and

sharing. We hope that children will become aware of themselves

as individuals and as part of their community. The concept of

family and support are highly valued. We recognize the

importance of these values and strive to reflect this in our

programming for both our children and our parent