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Enrichment programs

Our enrichment programs is design to teach the whole child.

Field Trips

These experience provides each student with real-world, hands-on experience.


STEM involves introducing children to new concepts through science activities and experiments.

Garden Work

Science lessons through actual digging, planting, cultivating, and growing veggies and herbs.

Unleash your kids potential

Children are born geniuses, and full of potentials. Our role as educators is to cultivate their potentials and help them become leaders of tomorrow. We design our classes to achieve this goal, and we enjoy doing it.

 Our classes are…

Learning is fun

Large Motor Movements

Students will learn to skip, jump, roll, flip, and work large motor skills in gymnastics.

Everyday Math

Enhanced exploration of early math concepts is introduced through engaging activities and songs

Cooking with Tots

Cooking provides your child the opportunity to learn and practice basic math concepts, language skill, and healthy eating habits.

Parents who talk about us

We are proud to share reviews of parents about their experience with us, and the progress of their kids at Learning Well Academy, and after they graduate!

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Meet mrs. c

mrs.c tea cup pic

Leora Cowart, also known as Mrs. C to the kids is the heart behind Authentic Education Academy, but formally known as Learning Well Academy. She has been a certified teacher for over 15 years and her experience include working in the public, home school co-op, and private sector. She has a passion for teaching young children, and uses art, music, games, and differentiated instruction to meet the individual needs of each students. 

While she taught at the public and private sectors, she was unhappy about the level at which the children were coming into kindergarten, and the challenges they struggled with in elementary to high school. There was an apparent issue with the foundation laid out for these kids. Occasionally she will find exceptional students, mostly who were exposed to enriched programs as early as possible, and it was clear the exposure of the reformative age made a huge difference in how well the future of a kid will be. This prompted her to start the original Learning Well Academy. Her goal was to build these geniuses (your kids) early, providing a safe, loving environment where your child can reach their developmental milestones. 

Important to her were also the Emotional Intelligence, and the love of God. She strongly believes in the bible passage Proverbs 22:6 -“Train up a child in the way to go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it.” With this in mind, she yearned for a program that will teach the kids biblical principles, as well as a strong mindset to tackle whatever life challenges will come in their future. 

The result of her strong desire to see progress in our kids is what led to Learning Well Academy. Learning Well Academy continues to graduate kids that are future leaders, and would love to bring your kid on board.

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